Farewell, Dupar’s Studio City

It was recently announced that Dupar’s in Studio City was closing down at New Year’s after 70 years in that same location. The gossip is that the building’s landlords signed a contract with mega makeup retailer Sephora, so Dupar’s has essentially been booted out. It’s not for lack of business.


Like a lot of people, I’m bummed out that a cornerstone of the community has been evicted—not because it doesn’t do business but because someone is looking for even MORE business. There are a number of other reasons I’m sad. First and foremost, people are losing their jobs. (Happy Holidays, guys.) It’s also another case of a big chain pushing out a smaller business. This is happening much too often for comfort and as a small business owner myself, it’s a trend that worries me. But as a general complaint, I’m seeing the world around me turn into the same retailers and restaurants. It used to be that when you went to a different city, you encountered new experiences but that is becoming the case less and less. I remember going to London while in college and seeing Subway and McDonalds all over the place.


Finally, lately I’ve been lamenting about the fact that so many reasonably priced restaurants—that aren’t fast food—are simply disappearing. With rising rents and land costs, increasing taxes and deep-pocketed investors snooping around it’s not easy running any business now, let alone a restaurant. I love old-fashioned coffee shops and neighborhood eateries. I guess I’m getting nostalgic as I age but what I really like is that they are gathering places for the community. Not the fancy places you go for special occasions, but the places that feel like an extension of home—you catch up with friends, take the entire family because it’s affordable, to study, grab a bite after a concert. You hang out.


At this particular Dupar’s, David Lynch first came up with the idea of a blonde beauty’s body being discovered on a beach. That idea eventually became Twin Peaks and it was birthed at a coffee shop. It’s not replaceable. At any rate, I went to today to have my last order of pancakes at this location. I’ve been to the Farmer’s Market location too. I hope it last. Parting is such sweet sorrow …

Dupars Studio City Sign

I’ve driven by this sign a million times. I’ll miss it.

Dupars Studio City Dining Room

I’m a sucker for an old school diner. The kitchen is to the left.

Dupars Studio City Dining Room

The dining room.

Dupars Studio City

I always liked that the paneling was real wood. You don’t often see details like this anymore.

Dupars Studio City Menu

“ALWAYS OPEN” … not so much anymore.

Dupars Studio City pancakes

Dupars is known for their pancakes, so I had to get some. I’ve had them before and I can get them again at the Farmers Market, but I’m a little sad I can’t get them here again. Studio City is a cool little area and I’ve been hanging out here a lot lately. I love the plates.

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